Companion Therapy Laser

Companion Therapy Laser is a drug-free, surgery-free, lasting pain relief and healing in the veterinary market. It is designed exclusively for veterinary medicine. It is also used to provide pets with faster recovery times and practices with enhanced clinical outcomes:

          • Pain Relief
          • Age Related Diseases
          • Rehabilitation
          • Chronic and Acute Disorders
          • WOUND Healing
          • and more……

Applications of the Companion Therapy LaserĀ® System

Companion Therapy LaserĀ® provides a revolutionary new approach to Veterinary Wound Management. It can significantly reduce healing time. Traumatic skin injuries and surgical incisions benefit greatly from laser therapy intervention.

          • Enhanced leukocyte infiltration
          • Increased macrophage activity
          • Increased neovascularization
          • Increased fibroblast proliferation
          • Keratinocyte proliferation
          • Promotion of early epithelialization
          • Growth factor increases
          • Enhanced cell proliferation and differentiation
          • Increased tensile strength in wound healing